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We create The Next Generation Secure & Intelligent Buildings!

Digital architects

The intelligent building is a 'networked solution'
“Delivering the innovation that will accelerate the digital transformation of your building”

Our team is committed to make environments safer, greener, healthier and more intelligent by using self-learning and self-adapting technology. We achieve your ambitions by connecting the dots between people, processes and data. We shape our vision on intelligent building by applying advanced technology. A combination of Information Technology “IT” and Operational technologies “OT” will bring you the next generation of secure intelligent buildings today!

To fully benefit from these new possibilities, a different technical architecture is needed. We align your building with your ambitions. We bring people, technology and ambitions together and start with the ultimate goal in mind! By leveraging a comprehensive eco-system we are able to deliver an end to end architecture.

Some of today’s capabilities

Intelligent building is not a “product” but a mindset!

Connect-D delivers impact on Environmental, Operational efficiency, User experience, Well-being and Space optimization. Our Services and solutions cover the complete lifecycle of a building. Starting with the design, followed by building, all the way up to the operational phase!

  • Environmental
  • Safety & Security
  • Space optimization
  • Building Services
  • Personalized control

    My space, My rules

  • Location based services

    Detect & locate

  • Data insights

    Transform raw numbers into data-driven insights

  • Collaboration

    Work better, together!

  • Security

    From door to data

  • Park management

    Parking is part of the journey

  • Connectivity

    The foundation of your building

  • Sensoring

    Sensing the difference

Digitization changes
the nature of buildings,
Align spaces with activities!
Commercial Real-Estate

Let's build something great together.


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